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    Services We Provide​

    We provide extraordinary engineering services throughout the entire product lifecycle. We have been responsible for numerous high volume and leading edge product developments and understand how to design products to meet your needs the first time.

    We've listed some of the areas in which we've done projects, but please give us a call if you have needs that aren't listed here.


    Architectural Analysis:

    With our breadth of experience we can implement your product starting from an idea written on a napkin or a full specification.  In either case, we believe that it is essential to have a written specification prior to the detailed design.   From our experience we know that decisions made during this phase of a project have great impact on the resulting quality and cost of the final product. The specification for a product can be as simple as a block diagram and the top level requirements (including environmental and regulatory) or as detailed as your process requires.  Some of the Architectural services that we provide are:

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Competitive Product Teardown
    • Product Cost Estimation
    • Architectural Definition
    • Block Diagram Development
    • Specification Development


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    Product Implementation:

    Once the product is defined we can provide any or all of the services required to realize it. With our in-house expertise in systems, electrical and firmware design, coupled with our broad experience in product development and partners with whom we have a proven track record, we can handle all aspects of the design phase.  We are very flexible and can work with your internal staff or completely standalone, as your needs dictate.  Some specific areas we have expertise in are:


    • Schematic Development
    • PCB / Mechanical Layout
    • BOM / AVL Generation
    • Firmware Development
    • OS Porting
    • Application Development


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    Prototype & Validation:

    • Procurement / Kitting
    • FAB / Assembly Management
      • Hardware Debug / Bring-Up
      • Product Testing / Agency Compliance


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    Product Release:

    • Documentation Release Package
    • Production Functional Tester 
    • Manufacturing Diagnostics
    • New Product Introduction


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    Lifecycle Management:

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • EOL management

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