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Management Team​

​​​Dave Gallatin - Partner, Software and Systems Development

​Dave Paulsen​ - Managing Director, Systems and Business Development


Dave Gallatin

Mr. Gallatin has over 30 years experience in product development and is a co-founder of Semiphore Systems. He has held leading positions in technology development in several Silicon Valley companies including GRiD Systems, NeXT Computer, Apple Computer and Sanmina-SCI. He was responsible for developing and bringing into production the MessagePad 110, 120, 130 and eMate 300 products for the Newton Systems Group at Apple Computer. Mr. Gallatin brings an extraordinary expertise for integrating hardware and software technology into products. Mr. Gallatin was CTO of Set Engineering where he was responsible for process development, program management and client management. Mr. Gallatin served AlphaSmart as Vice President of Engineering and was part of a management team that both took AlphaSmart public in May of 2005 as well as managed a merger with Renaissance Learning in October 2005. Immediately prior to starting Semiphore Systems Mr. Gallatin served as Director of Multimedia Systems at Sanmina-SCI. Mr. Gallatin attended California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

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Dave Paulsen

Dave Paulsen is one of two co-founders of Semiphore Systems, an organization focused on products and development. Mr. Paulsen has over 35 years of high-technology business and development experience with many of Silicon Valley’s leading product companies including, National Semiconductor, Apple Computer, GRiD Systems, NeXT Computer, Silicon Graphics, Palm Computing, and Sanmina-SCI. Mr. Paulsen has been responsible for leading the development of several standards setting computing products, including portable computers at GRiD Systems, Workstations at NeXT Computer and PDA technology for Palm Computing. Mr. Paulsen founded Set Engineering in 1990 and served as its President and CEO through 2004. In 2005 Mr. Paulsen joined Sanmina-SCI as Vice-President Global Technology Services. In December of 2005 he became Vice President and CTO of the New Technology and Ventures Division of Sanmina-SCI. Mr. Paulsen graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in 1973.

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